the revamp.

Hello there!

If you are new here my name is Monica. I’m a native Jersey girl with type one diabetes who recently moved to Pennsylvania. I started this blog a couple of years ago, but back then, this place was solely an outlet for my feelings. If you have been here since day one you know that things have been pretty quiet and stagnant around here.

This year, the opening of a new decade (depending on your perspective), was seen by so many of us as the time to take control of our lives, take on new challenges, bring renewed energy to existing goals, cast off toxic habits and relationships, make dream careers a reality.

Since the beginning of my blogging I always wanted this page to be about me, and about creating a space for others to learn and feel good while having a sense of community. With that said, I’m engaging in a new direction when it comes to the content shared on this blog. This little part of the internet will give you a glimpse of my experiences as a type one diabetic, all things food and anything wellness.

I hope as you navigate this journey with me you’ll take something from this space, no matter how small. That is my wish to you.

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