I can not believe it’s been sixteen years today. It continues to be a silent ongoing battle. One that many can’t relate to and can’t seem to comprehend. There are still days I don’t understand my own disease. I guess its like anything in life, you learn as you live.

Your fingers show every prick. Your stomach is bruised from daily injections. Scars cover your body from every infusion site. Bruises form on the fold of your arm from blood work. Your body is covered in scars. Scars we wish we could erase, not only from our memory, but from our reality. These scars show what we’ve been through. They show the daily struggles of a disease with no cure. They show that we keep fighting. These scars are only physical. I refuse to let the struggles and the pain scar my heart, mind, and soul. There is no cure, but you just have to keep fighting. These scars show where we’ve been and what we’ve done and we should be proud of these scars. I’m blessed to be alive and have a chance to live a “normal” life like anyone else. It’s a constant battle learning to accept the scars all over my body. They have a story to tell, & that story is just a piece of my life.

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