30 Before 30.

Society has painted a picture where a wild 20 year old is interesting, someone with great potential and a marvelous future ahead. However, a wild 30 year old is sad, misguided, lost, with a past of wasted opportunities behind. The moment you turn 30 you are expected to settle down, marry, raise children, have a well paid job, behave reasonably, have found your place in this world. Although I am more mature and reasonable than I was ten years ago I’ve come to realize I’ll never be this ‘normal’, settled part of society I seem to be expected to become now that I’m no longer part of the youth. And I don’t want to be.

In two months I leave my twenties behind which has given me enough fuel to evolve into a more whole individual. To clarify, I am not putting a limit to my self-discovery, because I hope I never stop re-learning who I am. I just know, that if I want the rest of my hopefully long-lived life to equal up to what I know it can be, I need to constantly keep working on it. With that said I’ve compiled a thirty before 30 list of things i’d like to accomplish, some have been completed and some are still in the works.

  1. Take a girls’ getaway
  2. Purchase a new DSLR camera with video capability
  3. Redecorate apartment
  4. Have a better morning routine
  5. Do 30 days of something
  6. See a favorite band perform live
  7. Pull an all-nighter
  8. Volunteer
  9. Expand my culinary skills.
  10. Get my A1C to below a 6.5
  11. Hike a new trail
  12. Increase my 401k contribution
  13. Update my resume and cover letter
  14. Unplug for a whole day
  15. Buy more stocks
  16. Overcome a fear
  17. See a broadway play
  18. Get a pet
  19. Sleep under the stars
  20. Pay off all credit card debt
  21. Learn how to snowboard
  22. Go on a road trip
  23. Learn how to network
  24. Build my brand
  25. Start a workout regimen
  26. Fire a gun
  27. Stop drinking soda
  28. Completely change my personal style
  29. Fail
  30. Forgive



2 thoughts on “30 Before 30.

  1. you’re missing #31 Read More…such as anything by Anaïs Nin “A Spy in the House of Love” is a good start… or Mary Shelly’s “Frankenstein” or Sylvia Plath’s “The Bell Jar” or anything by the Bronte sisters “Jane Eyre” “Wuthering Heights”

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