Humans are creatures of routine. Think about what your daily routine is. I wake up, shower, attempt to do my hair, moisturize, brush my teeth, do the work thing and go about my any activities that I have planned out. Nothing frustrates me more when I have planned something out and it doesn’t happen. We like routine. We like the familiar. Because life is filled with so many unknowns that it feels good to have something that is normal. That is constant. So when change comes along, it is normal to flock to that which seems familiar to us. Whether familiarity comes in the form of a person or a movie or a place where we find ourselves to be most happy at.

However, I believe in being ridiculously and hilariously spontaneous. There are some rules that are meant to be broken. This life is only given to you once. No moment deserves to be wasted. Take risks and chances. Do not fret the unknown. The good that you put into the universe is the good that will eventually find you. Break out of the everyday, find yourself and live fully.

A fear can linger for years and years, holding you back from taking leaps or opportunities that you constantly dream about but are too afraid to let go and allow to happen. Burst through the surface, break past this fear. We find excuses, people or things to blame when most of the time it is our own self that is holding us back. We must learn to step out of our own way. To believe in ourselves. So that we may flourish. So that we may grow endlessly toward the sun. Break free. Rise away.