Path Unwinding.

Life has taken me on such a journey and I have crossed paths with so many people. People who were nothing but strangers, who I have met through others, bumped into at mutual places or who are acquainted with people I know. And who then turn into a lover, a soulmate or a best friend. There are some people I wish I never met, some I wish I met sooner and some I wish stayed around for a very long time. People will always leave a mark in your life, whether it be good or bad. Some I regret, some I can’t forget and there’s some, even after years I look back on and smile.

As life goes on, there are only a handful of people that I hold dear to me. New or old, both friends and lovers. There are only a few I miss and wish I had more time with, and only a few I truly love. To those few, as drastic as things have changed, as fast as life has gone by and as long ago as that time we spent together was, I’m thankful for our paths crossing. I’m thankful I had the pleasure of getting to know you and to grow to love you and I’m thankful to at least have been a small part of your life. Because how ever long we spent, you made such an impact on my life.

As one door closes another opens, and more people have come into my life to replace the void left by others. From becoming strangers, to acquaintances, friends to something more. Although I don’t know how long I have with you, I will cherish the precious time that we do have, until I may have to close the chapter once more.