The Light.

My heart is content knowing that I harbor no room for hatred nor the need to feel superior to anyone. I have no desire to participate with petty actions or low frequencies. There is too much to be happy and thankful for, too much love and light to soak up in this world. It is amazing to reflect on my journey and ponder upon my progress. So at peace with who I am, where I am, what I am. Everything happens for a reason; there are no coincidences. I truly believe the universe has a plan for me, for all of us. I have so much more ahead of me, but growth isn’t something that is easily acknowledged. Can I just say it is refreshing to feel deep down that my path to enlightenment is leading me in the right direction and paving each and every road I walk down to serve a purpose to my being. The lessons always get more connected from one time to the next. I’ve learned that patience is a virtue I should value within myself. That being the stronger, bigger person is the best way to go.tumblr_nmmnvv7dgw1uosm2eo1_400



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