Crossing the border.

Some may call me crazy for what has occurred in the duration of less than a week, but I see it as taking a risk, taking a chance. I’ve spent my time too far down the abyss of nowhere to not tumblr_o9iymnX79i1vz3cwjo1_500take this chance that has presented itself. Chance, you see, brought me here. This new land that is in front of me is still a mystery, but it is one that I plan on exploring as much as I can for as long as it needs solving. You can never truly know everything about a person, but you can know most. That’s what makes the mystery of meeting someone new so enthralling, learning their likes, their dislikes. It keeps us interested and curious about the every aspect of the person and learn everything about them but still don’t know everything. The best of it all is coming to understand someone else’s mind in such an intimate way. When and how they play off their mistakes, a phrase or smile when they’re nervous and all of the beauty they see and feel, at what capacity they start and stop emotions. I’ve learned that you’ll never get anywhere without taking a leap of faith, without taking a chance. You’ll never learn what life can be without these things. So maybe I am crazy, but I’ve got to start somewhere.