experience. learn. live.

Last night I rediscovered what love is. Love is the light that brightens our path throughout life. Life is a journey, a story and something that only you can do for yourself. You write your own story. Your destiny, your fate, your future is all in your hands. You have to allow the world to speak to you. Whether it’s through people or through experiences the message is all around us. Allow interactions to build you. You can change lives. You can change your life! We owe ourselves to be happy despite the odds against us. We shouldn’t consume ourselves with modern things that kill our time, but with things that make us feel fulfilled. Things that will take us along the right path. Spend time with family and friends and experience new things.

(Even if it’s trying brick oven roasted tomatoes & portabella mushrooms in a pesto sauce lasagna!)OttoSarto

It is because of such simplicity that we are able to experience life on a deeper level. Allow yourself to be inspired by your surroundings, by music, by messages from your faith, by food … to be inspired simply by life. I’m blessed to finally see all the light that illuminates my world.


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